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Litecoin Hashrate Reaches Another All-Time High with New L5 ASIC Miners Rumored

Throughout 2019, things have seemed to be going quite well for Litecoin, as well as other forms of cryptocurrency. Not only has the network security become improved in recent months, but there has been a marked improvement in the prices of Litecoin, which has helped to excite miners in the field.

New Miners Coming to the Market

One of the leading causes of the bump in the hashrate for Litecoin is the rumor that have been swirling regarding the new L5 ASIC miners that are supposed to be hitting the market. The L5 Bitmain ASIC Scrypt miner has many people not only saying that it is real, but also that it is being deployed by Bitmain in their mining farms.

There have been some leaks that have examined the specks. Bitdeer, who is involved with Bitmain in the project, had put up some information on their site briefly before it was taken down. This leaked image that had the specs said that the L5 would have 1473 MH/s 1425 W 0.97 J/MH. They have also noted that mining contracts bought through Bitdeer that are using the L5 have performed remarkably well.

The stats that have been talked about here and there on various sites do seem quite impressive, and it does show that there is quite a bit of improvement when compared with the older generation of L3++ models that are on the market. Although there may be other miners out there that are more powerful, such as the Innosilicon’s A6+ miner, the L5 looks as though it is a more efficient miner. This means that even though it might not be able to produce the same amount as the A6+, it will be able to produce for less, which is something that many miners look for in the machines they purchase.

Once these miners are finally available for the retail market, there is a good chance that they will sell out very quickly. They have the efficiency and the power that many people are looking for with their miners. Those who are interested in buying one or more of these miners will certainly want to make it a point to keep watch for when they go on sale, so they do not miss out.

What About the Halvening?

Some believed that the upcoming halvening was one of the reasons that the Litecoin hashrate has been so high. When the coin drops in value from 25 Litecoin to 12.5 Litecoin, it can affect the hashrate by essentially cutting it in half, so it was natural that more effort would be put into taking advantage of the current value now. However, if the L5 release happens soon enough, it could let the network recover faster than it usually would, thanks to the added efficiency. It will be interesting to see what happens with this new miner and what happens with the hashrate after the halvening.

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